Services we offered

  • Master Classes
  • One-on-One Training
  • 11 Fully covered Nets with Turf , Cement and artificial turf Wickets
  • Indoor practice wicket
  • Bowling machine
  • Night training facilities
  • Modern coaching equipment
  • Physio care
  • Endurance training
  • Gym
  • Transport facilities
  • Dedicated and passionate coaching Staff

Training Schedule & Timings

Rules & Regulations

  1. Each Player will register his/her name & membership number at the time of entry in the register kept at the entrance of the  cricket field.
  2. Entry to cricket field strictly for player only. Visitors/Guardians are not allowed inside the cricket field.
  3. All trainers must wear the following cricketing attire.
    1. White cricketing attire when the clinic / camp is held undersunlight.
  4. Protective Gear:
    1. Senior trainees shall use all appropriate protective gear.
    2. Junior  trainees shall wear their protective gear i.e. supported, abdominal guard & batting golves.
  5. All trainees  will have to adhere to the scheduled timings.
  6. All instruction by the cricket coach shall be strictly followed. Coach is authorized to refuse any person from playing cricket owning to misbehavior or infringement of the rules and regulations.
  7. Discipline of the academy / coaching season shall be maintained at all times and if found otherwise the trainee  would be expelled from the academy / coaching season without prior notice.
  8. Players are not allowed to bring any eatable in the field and spoil the cricket filed anyway.
  9. Drinks: Only Water, Lime water or other sport drink. Kindly avoid bringing fizzy carbonated drinks during the lesson.
  10. No player is allowed to carry any valuable ornament, mobile phones, in to the filed and in case any loss of valuable, management will not be responsible.
  11. The cricket academy / coaching season organizer shall not be responsible for any injury / death that may occur during the duration of coaches or matches.
  12. Trainees will have to make their own transport arrangements.
  13. Management will reserve the right to change the rules and regulation at anytime without prior notice.


Boys and Girls from Above 6 Years of age would be admitted

Fee Structure

  1. Monthly Fee                    :          Rs 2000 + Rs 1500 (Registration Fee)
  2. Quarterly Fee                  :          Rs 6000 + Rs 1500 (Registration Fee)
  3. Annually Fee                   :          Rs 22000 + Rs 1500 (Registration Fee)

Note:- Registration Fee is included in online fee Submission that will not be refundable.